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National Parks vs. Private Game Reserves

You can look forward to visiting both National Park safaris as well as Game Reserve excursions, which differ significantly.

national parks

National Parks, government-owned and operated, offer the easiest way to experience the African wilderness. They typically feature a good network of roads, trails, and accommodations. Because they are more accessible and affordable, National Parks attract more traffic. Likewise, National Parks are subject to more restrictions:

  • Off-road driving is not permitted, nor may passengers leave their vehicle.
  • Most National Parks do not allow guided bush walks, although there are some notable exceptions
  • Since travelers must be at the accommodation before dark, night safaris as well as viewing amazing sunsets are not an option.


We can tailor your safari destination to a game reserve that is malaria free.

Africa's Big Five

African Adventure Tours will take you to the heart of Africa for sightings and encounters with the Big Five: The Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Elephant, and Buffalo.