The Difference

What sets African Adventures apart as the premier choice for your vacation?


Unparalleled Support & Guidance

We will hold your hand throughout the entire planning stage and beyond, making sure you choose the ideal trip and that you are fully prepared.


Understanding Your Needs

No two individuals are exactly alike, so we offer the option of daily schedules built around your needs. We also offer the flexibility of creating your own agenda within the framework of a group tour.


Experienced Native

Our tours are led by a native South African, thoroughly knowledgeable and intimately familiar with everything needed for a successful and enjoyable vacation.


Like Four Vacations in One!

Our itineraries incorporate multiple destinations across Africa, for a comprehensive experience with a wide spectrum of Africa’s colorful and diverse personality.


Industry Network

Our longstanding relationships with fine hotels, lodges, chefs, and local guides means you get to access the best that Africa has to offer and the activities you prefer.



We are open and up-front regarding all costs, details, and any necessary requirements to ensure your trip’s success.

If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, you should not miss the opportunity to join African Adventures on safari and travel to South Africa. We witnessed the beauty of Hashem’s wondrous world, enjoyed incredible fine cuisine, learned from experienced guides, and stayed in truly luxurious lodging on every leg of the trip. Shabbos in CapeTown was so beautiful and inspirational. We were surrounded by a group of special people that quickly became lasting friends. We have travelled on many kosher five star trips... none even came close!

- Averim and Evelyn Stavsky